Jeffrey Lewis has made one of his trademark "documentaries" (a song set to his illustrations) as a PSA for getting out there and voting on November 8. Specifically, he'd like for you to vote for Hilary Clinton and he's stressing the positive which he does by going through her career:

Political songs don't always have to be "protest songs;" I think it's interesting to engage listeners with a "for song" rather than an "against song." Hillary Clinton has been a controversial candidate for certain segments of both the right and the left and I felt like the things to be excited about in her candidacy had been left out of many of the conversations that I'd been hearing. I got to work making this song immediately after watching the first debate.

That PSA, which was filmed by Jessica Wolfson and Paul Lovelace, premieres in this post and you can watch it above.

Jeffrey will play one day after Election Day (November 9) at Knitting Factory, where he and his band Los Bolts are opening for Peter Stampfel and the Brooklyn & Lower Manhattan Fiddle/Mandolin Swarm with Hubby Jenkins on the bill as well (tickets). That kicks off a North American tour and all dates are listed below.

Nov 09 - NYC @ Knitting Factory
Nov 12 - Akron, OH @ Hive Mind
Nov 13 - Detroit, MI @ PJ’s Lager House
Nov 14 - Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
Nov 15 - Omaha, NE @ Reverb
Nov 16 - Denver CO @ The Hi-Dive
Nov 17 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Diabolical Records
Nov 18 - Boise, ID @ Feral House
Nov 19 - Portland, OR @ Analog Cafe
Nov 20 - Seattle, WA @ Substation
Nov 21 - Vancouver, BC @ Toast Collective
Nov 22 - Olympia, WA @ Le Voyeur
Nov 23 - Eugene, OR @ Wandering Goat
Nov 24 - Ashland, OR @ Video Explorer
Nov 25 - Arcata, CA @ The Miniplex at Richard's Goat
Nov 26 - San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern
Nov 27 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Smell
Nov 28 - Tempe, AZ @ 51 West
Nov 30 - Austin, TX @ Beerland
Dec 01 - Tulsa, OK @ Vanguard
Dec 02 - St Louis, MO @ San Loo
Dec 03 - Bloomington, IN @ The Void
Dec 04 - Pittsburgh PA @ Howlers