Jello Biafra "With Iraq gone to hell in a handbasket, Rome falling at home, and the so-called opposition Democrats 'searching for a message' as they throw another election, it's high time for Jello Biafra and his merry mouth to tip the cow and set the barn on fire. As always, Jello whacks the moles wherever he finds them in spoken word extravaganza #8, in a beautiful triple cd digipack. Buried Iraq facts, vote fraud disease, the Arnold putsch, the blue state/red state 'values' myth, Paris in Abu Ghraib, Satanic Santas, a visit to New Orleans and the return of a strange geometry teacher are all part of the info-tainment stew."

The new spoken word CD is called In The Grip Of Official Treason, and former Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra will be going out on the road to support it at the following venues....

02/18/2007 TBA TBA, WI
02/19/2007 UW Student Union Milwaukee, WI
02/20/2007 TBA Nashville, TN
02/21/2007 Mad Hatter Covington, KY
02/22/2007 Little Brother's Columbus, OH
02/23/2007 Beachland Ballroom Cleveland, OH
02/25/2007 Higher Ground Burlington, VT
02/26/2007 Iron Horse Northampton, MA
02/27/2007 Living Room Providence, RI
02/28/2007 Knitting Factory New York, NY
03/01/2007 Torp Theater New Britain, CT
03/02/2007 Baronet Theater Asbury Park, NJ
03/03/2007 Ethical Society Philadelphia, PA