Dead Kennedys haven't been with their politically outspoken frontman Jello Biafra since 1986, but it's still weird to see the band who performs songs like "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" and "Police Truck" tweet things like "Mitt [Romney] cares about the USA," even if they're referring to Romney condemning Trump.

Jello, who released one of the most explicitly anti-Trump albums of 2020, also thinks this is weird, and replied to the tweet from the Alternative Tentacles account and on his Facebook.

"As if today couldn't get any weirder, look who posted this!!" Jello wrote. "How dumb and clueless can you get?? Was it scab singer Skip, who recently denied DK's are a political band, just, 'a social satire band'?? Ea$t Bay Ray?? It sure as hell wasn't me, and in no way represents anything DK's ever stood for. Cmon, guys, take this down - NOW. Haven't you disgraced our inspiring legacy that means so much to people enough???"

The current version of Dead Kennedys also tweeted support of Lindsey Graham:

And they apparently blocked indie musician Anjimile for criticizing their Mitt Romney support:

Twitter MVPs Eve 6 weighed in too:

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