Original Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra blasts President Donald Trump in a new post on Facebook, comparing him to the notorious punk G.G. Allin. He says it best, so read on for the post in full:

Now it’s official -
Blowing up the Trillion $ Stimulus so many desperately need (including Alternative Tentacles, who has so far gotten nothing), risking millions more evictions, lost jobs and desperate families winding up in tents or worse on our streets.
He had to know Wall St. would plunge, costing him and his monster children million$.
Or did he?
Is the that high as a kite from gobbling steroids, and raiding the medicine cabinet of his hosts; and eating everything at once, just to see what happens - like G.G. used to do?
No. Worse.
Trump is still in cahoots with that wacky quacky Kevorkian-looking Dr. Atlas who is all about ‘Herd Immunity’.
You know, let as many people as possible get sick and die off til a majority wind up immune? Swede tried that, and quickly slammed into the brakes. Boris Johnson and Bolsonaro touted it, and wound up sick themselves.
Docs and scientists in this country estimate that based on the death rate of US COVID victims, the Herd Immunity death toll here would be at least 2 MILLION people!!! More likely closer to 6 MILLION - same as all the Jews killed by Hitler.
So while Trumpzi dangles a vaccine to stay in power, all signs have pointed to Herd Immunity as his real aim for weeks, from around the time he plucked Atlas off the screen from Fox News.
HE WANTS US ALL TO DIE, OK?? “It only hits blue states and Democrat cities anyway..”
I can’t believe I’m wishing his in-house Pandemic Task Force still had Ku$hner in charge.
So again, if they really want to delay Barrett and the Fundamentalists swiping the whole Supreme Court,
I repeat -
Not just for 220,000+ counts of Criminally Negligent Homicide.
Now add Genocide.
That’s right, GENOCIDE.
Against his own people.
Like Assad, Stalin, Mao - and too many Banana Republic-ans to name,
He really does seem to want us all to die..
- Jello Biafra (10/6/20)

Jello has also been using YouTube to share his political takes in a series called "What Would Jello Do?" Watch the most recent edition, Part 86: Protect the Vote, below.

Meanwhile, Jello's first Guantanamo School of Medicine album since 2013's White People and the Damage Done, Tea Party Revenge Porn, is due out this fall via his Alternative Tentacles label. Watch the video for the title track below.