Original Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra will release Tea Party Revenge Porn, his first Guantanamo School of Medicine album since 2013's White People and the Damage Done, this fall via his longtime label Alternative Tentacles. They've just followed recently released singles "Taliban USA" and "The Last Big Gulp" with third single "We Created Putin," and as you'd expect from Jello and a song title like that, both the song and its video are ruthless takedowns of the Trump administration and its connection to Putin. The video also calls to "free Pussy Riot," the Russian feminist punk performance art group whose members were arrested for protesting Putin. The song is a sneering, sarcastic ripper that sounds like classic Jello, as you can hear for yourself below. The two previous singles and their videos (all directed by Ani Kyd Wolf) are below too.


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