Parts & Labor @ Citysol 2006 (CRED)
Citysol 2006

Citysol (July 12, 13, 14, 15 - NYC) would not have been possible without the amazing effors of Solar One's own Jenn Su. You might have read the interview with her on Gothamist the other day. Maybe you were standing next to her on the Brooklyn Bridge at (over) the Boredoms show. Gothamist asked her: "Please share your strangest 'only in New York' story", and she answered,

I'll stick to the postive and recent -- working all day Saturday and then deciding last minute to bike like mad to the Brooklyn Bridge to catch the Boredoms' 77BOADRUM from the bridge -- watched it through a lane of traffic while tourist couples and families walked by behind the crowd with "wtf?! is going on down there" looks on their faces -- bizarro, but totally worth it + only in New York!

I asked Jenn to list 10 more reasons (that aren't Menomena, Beat the Devil, Les Savy Fav, Land of Talk, The Besnard Lakes, O'Death, OCDJ, The Budos Band, These are Powers or Franpollis) people should come to Citysol, and here's what she said (in no particular order):

  1. Interactive art installations -- including solar powered instruments, the 62's electric go carts, t-shirt sculptures, arctic projections and so much more!
  2. Lucid Food Cafe -- yum food sourced from all within 150 mile radius (local = less CO)
  3. Learn about water quality issues, congestion pricing, solar in NYC, and climate change initiatives
  4. Buy a beer and OFFSET 83 pounds of CO2
  5. The East River
  6. Sunrise get togethers
  7. GAMES / Workshops on Sunday (build your own wind turbine, ride go-carts, make kites out of plastic bags)
  8. Green Power Sign Up Drive -- bring your electric bill, switch to green power and drink free Brooklyn Brewery beer
  9. green flea marketplace!

For more info on Citysol, GO HERE.

Saturday set times & capacity info, below....

Saturday, July 14, 2007 (FREE SHOW)

the immediate blacktop space at solar one where the stage is holds approximately 1500 people -- the total site of citysol expands beyond this -- 18th to 23rd street on the east river. there will be two entrances to the blacktop -- from 23rd street and through stuyvesant cove park on the south end. people who dont make it to the blacktop for capacity reasons are welcome to enjoy other components of the festival from the rest of the site.

Frankpollis 1:30
The Budos Band 2:30
These Are Powers 3:30
OCDJ 4:30
O'Death 5:30
The Besnard Lakes 6:30
Land Of Talk 7:30
Les Savy Fav 8:30

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