The Jenny Lewis/Erika Forster/Tennessee Thomas supergroup NAF (aka Nice As Fuck) made their surprise debut a few months ago, and they've been keeping most details of the project off the radar. Last week, they shared their first single, "Door," and today they surprise-released their self-titled debut album. Listen below via Spotify or pick up a copy here.

The album isn't entirely new ground for Jenny, but the band adds in elements from different genres, mixing in punk, funk, and pop. The first track "Runaway" could easily be a sequel to Jenny's "You Can't Outrun 'Em" off her 2014 solo album The Voyager, both in theme and sound, while "Cookie Lips" brings back the personal, relatable lyrics Jenny's known for ("Are you even still alive? / I think I just got ghosted by Cookie Lips / What a dick.")

The most overtly political track from the album, "Guns", carries an important message, given recent tragedies, as she sings "Crisis is not Isis, spilling our own blood." The album ends with their 44-second theme song, which works perfectly as a way for the band to send us off: "We're nice as fuck, wish you good luck."

Check out pics of their Webster Hall show with M Ward, and their upcoming dates (including another NYC show in July).

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