La Blogotheque interviewed Jose Gonzalez....

How do you manage the massive sudden media exposure you are getting?

Jose: I had a similar situation in Sweden two years ago. This time it is a lot bigger, but at the same time there are a lot more good people around me I can trust and talk to, who manage all the mails, calls etc... It is still a bit scary though.

Gothenburg seems to be a very prolific scene. Who are the movers and shakers there ? Aren’t you also friends with Jens Lekman?

Jose: One band that influences the whole of the Gothenburg scene is Soundtrack of our Lives. They have a big studio where a lot of bands record and hang around. I go there regularly and have my own room. As for Jens, we had a show together and have been friends ever since. We also realised we went to the same kindergarten !! Gothenburg is a small town, but there are a lot of different scenes I wasn’t involved in, lots of bands I didn’t know. When you start releasing albums on a more commercial level, you tend to meet these same people everywhere you go.

Jose GonzalezJens Lekman

Since discovering "Oh You're So Silent Jens", I've been grabbing every bit of Jens I can find, and I was glad to hear that Jens is off hiatus already. According to his website, he has Australia & UK shows scheduled in February and March.

WATCH JENS: You Are The Light (MPG Video)

It's not totally clear to me if there are videos of Jose and Jens singing together, and I think I saw something in a message board about an MP3 where they duet. Does anyone have more info? Either way, let's hope they get together in the studio some time in the future.

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