Jeremy Hunter, who built up a following doing ska covers of non-ska songs as Skatune Network, and who plays in We Are The Union, and who has also lent their talents to music by Jeff Rosenstock, Omnigone, and others, makes their own music as JER. Jeremy released two JER demos on Skank for Choice's 2020 Quarantine Compilation, followed by "Breaking News! Local Punk Denies Existence of Systematic Racism" on Bad Time Records, Asian Man Records, and Ska Punk Daily's awesome Ska Against Racism benefit compilation, and now they've released their first official single, "R/Edgelord," which was one of the songs Jeremy previously demoed.

As you might've guessed from the title, "R/Edgelord" takes on people who spew nonsense on the internet, and it's also a super fun, catchy, driving ska-punk song, fleshed out by exactly the kind of rich horn arrangements you'd expect from Jeremy. It's the first taste of JER's debut full-length album, coming in 2021 via Bad Time Records.

The song was produced and mixed by We Are The Union vocalist Reed Wolcott, and it features tenor sax by Trosso from Abraskadabra, and drums by Woody Bond. Listen below.


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