Topshelf Records launched a new series called "Take Your Pick" where "some of [their] favorite people in DIY" pick their favorite releases from the Topshelf catalog and discuss why they like them. The first entry in the series comes from Jeremy Hunter of Skatune Network, JER, and We Are The Union.

Jeremy's picks include The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die's 2013 debut full-length Whenever, If Ever (" This record is quite literally my introduction to emo"), A Great Big Pile of Leaves' 2013 LP You’re Always On My Mind ("More like, this RECORD is always on my mind!"), Slingshot Dakota's 2016 LP Break ("Skatune Network is a Slingshot Dakota Stan account. I can not stress my love for this band!!!"), Ratboys' 2020 LP Printer's Devil ("'I Go Out at Night' was one of the songs that was getting me through the sudden loss of our little world of music"), and Really From's 2017 LP Verse ("one of my favorite experiences ever seeing music... a perfect blend of Jazz and emo, the exact sound I’ve only dreamed of until that point"). Read everything Jeremy had to say about each album at Topshelf's website.

Earlier this month, Skatune Network released Ska Goes Emo, Vol. 2 with ska covers of songs by Modern Baseball, Tigers Jaw, Title Fight, TWIABP, PUP, blink-182, Paramore, Panic! at the Disco, Jimmy Eat World, American Football, and more; and We Are The Union released the new single "Fresh Fruit for Rotting Punk Rock Stars." Jeremy is also planning to release their debut solo album as JER on Bad Time Records later this year.

Really From recently announced a new album, TWIABP have been teasing LP4 on Twitter for a while, and A Great Big Pile of Leaves seem to finally be working on a followup to You're Always On my Mind.

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