Jerry Seinfeld has responded to Stand Up NY owner James Altucher's widely shared essay on LinkedIn titled "NYC is dead forever. Here’s why." If you haven't seen Altucher's essay yet, here's an excerpt:

Every subculture I loved was in NYC. I could play chess all day and night. I could go to comedy clubs. I could start any type of business. I could meet people. I had family, friends, opportunities. No matter what happened to me, NYC was a net I could fall back on and bounce back up.

Now it's completely dead. "But NYC always always bounces back." No. Not this time. "But NYC is the center of the financial universe. Opportunities will flourish here again." Not this time.

Jerry's response comes in the form of a counterpoint opinion piece for The New York Times. The piece is titled "So You Think New York Is ‘Dead’ (It’s not.)" and Jerry writes "The last thing we need in the thick of so many challenges is some putz on LinkedIn wailing and whimpering, 'Everyone’s gone! I want 2019 back!'"

He says Everyone’s gone for good. How the hell do you know that? You moved to Miami. Yes, I also have a place out on Long Island. But I will never abandon New York City. Ever.

And I have been onstage at your comedy club Stand Up N.Y. quite a few times. It could use a little sprucing up, if you don’t mind my saying. I wouldn’t worry about it. You can do it from Miami...

...Real, live, inspiring human energy exists when we coagulate together in crazy places like New York City. Feeling sorry for yourself because you can’t go to the theater for a while is not the essential element of character that made New York the brilliant diamond of activity it will one day be again.

Jerry goes on to say, "This stupid virus will give up eventually. The same way you have. We’re going to keep going with New York City if that’s all right with you. And it will sure as hell be back." Read Jerry's whole op-ed at The New York Times.

Meanwhile, Stand Up NY has fired back: "Jerry, we're able to multi-task! We are sprucing up the club - see, we just stained our tables. We're also currently the biggest live comedy producer in the country - 40+ shows per week in parks across NYC. You should swing by and do a set sometime. Oh, we just walked by your garage on the UWS where you house your Porsche collection and picked up some garbage we found in front of it. Heard you were in the Hamptons. See you at the club. ♥️"

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