In honor of the late NYHC legend Todd Youth (of Murphy's Law, Danzig, Warzone, and several other bands), his former collaborator/D Generation bandmate and fellow NYC punk icon Jesse Malin has released a tribute song called "Todd Youth" featuring Bad Brains frontman HR. "Todd was one of the greatest guitar players and a dear friend," Jesse said. "We met when I was 14. He always made a huge impact and will be remembered forever."

The song is out now as a single on Little Steven's Wicked Cool Records, backed by a cover of Lou Reed's "Sally Can't Dance," and today it gets a Dave Stekert-directed video featuring Jesse and his pals (including Jimmy G of Murphy's Law, Cro-Mags' John Joseph, D Generation/Chrome Locust's Michael Wildwood, The Misguided's John Rizzo, Monster Magnet's Phil Caivano, Jesse Malin & the St. Mark’s Social's Randy Schrager, and Todd Youth's family members) hanging around NYC, and making stops in front of the St. Mark's buildings from Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti album, in Tompkins Square, and at the original location of the iconic A7 club. The video also splices in footage of Todd. Check it out above.

Jesse also made us a playlist called "Todd's Glow" featuring 11 of Jesse's favorite songs that Todd played on, from ten different artists. It goes from Murphy's Law to D Generation to Glen Campbell to Cheap Trick to the Davey Havok of AFI-fronted Son of Sam, really showing off how versatile of a musician Todd was. Take it away, Jesse...



"Panty Raid” - Murphy's Law

The power Todd had with Murphy’s Law was always magic, crucially unstoppable. He and Jimmy G. had a great chemistry together.


“Ain’t No Love” - Chrome Locust

One of my favorite bands that he was in. Todd, Micheal Wildwood and Jim Hennigan were such a force. They would have gone real far if they didn't break up so soon.


“Sadly, Beautiful” - Glen Campbell

This shows how talented and diverse he was as a player. And the only guy I know who could go from Glen Danzig to Glen Campbell, seamlessly.


“Helpless” - D Generation

When he joined our band we really went up a notch, especially at the live shows. And he was also a great guy to travel with. He knew all the ropes and bits.


"Slipping into Darkness" - Bloodclot

This heavy and crushing record documented a supergroup that ended way too soon.


“In the Summer” - Jesse Malin

Todd brought a lot to this song. The guitar part, and we had so much fun touring together in the "silver machine," our Ford van.


"What Will the Neighbors Think?” - Murphy's Law

The Dedicated album had songs like this that shined and kicked hard. A rebirth for Murphy’s Law. Tighter than ever, and still so fun. Love this song and the video, too. :)


"Let Me Go" - Diane Gentile

He brought some cool creepy soul vibes to this great song another glimpse into his diversity as a player.


“Alive” - Cheap Trick

Todd Youth with Cheap Trick. What can I say? The best. He lived out a lot of his dreams.


“Suspect” - Fireburn

Back to his hardcore roots playing bass. Very Bad Brains, in the best way.


“In the Hills" - Son of Sam

A cool project with Davey Havok from AFI, recorded in LA. The darker side of Todd.


Meanwhile, Jesse performs his 2004 solo album The Heat in its entirety on a livestream on Thursday (8/27) at 7 PM ET. HR will be giving a PMA greeting on the stream, and there will be a remote conversation with The Replacements' Tommy Stinson. The show streams live from Malin's club Bowery Electric. Tickets and limited edition merch are on sale now, and "all proceeds will benefit Jesse’s band and crew, and to help save his venues."

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