As the demand for an Operation Ivy reunion continues to increase, frontman Jesse Michaels appeared on The Hard Times Podcast and he was asked why the band hasn't reunited yet. "Well, for a long time we weren’t really talking," Jesse said. "It wasn’t because there was bad blood -- you know, we had issues when we broke up, but we’re all grown up now -- but we're just sort of in different worlds, you know? Like Rancid has their thing and I have my own weird life. So, for a long time, we just weren’t talking that much. And now we do. I see Tim [Armstrong] pretty frequently out here, and you know we get along, he's a friend."

"Because it involves different people and different factors, I can’t talk too much about that," he continues. "The only thing I will say is I don't object to the idea. I don't know if it can happen for various practical reasons, but I wouldn't rule it out. But I really can't say more than that because, the internet, you know? That's not me hinting that it's in the works or anything like that. Whatever I said is just gonna turn into a whole fucking thing."

He also added, "We have gotten offers, other people have tried to make it happen [...] Who knows? I just can't really talk about it more than that. It involves other people who have their own careers, and it involves legal matters. I don't like to be mysterious but it's not something I can really speak on. By the way, I do truly appreciate the interest. I'm very very grateful that the music has had that effect and people still like it."

"The whole phenomenon or whatever you wanna call it is almost strange to me," he continues, "'cause our last show was by far our biggest show where we headlined, and we had like 600 people I think. [...] And I don't mean to sound too hands off because I'm stoked, who wouldn't be? I mean, we hit the punk lottery. Most of those bands back then just sort of, you know, most of them are not well known and if they are it's mostly by record nerds [laughs]. So I think we're really lucky, and I also think that there's a certain chemistry that happened when we wrote together that's hard to reproduce. I kind of thought after that band -- and I've said this before -- I kind of thought every band was going to be like that. Like you start a band, and everybody loves you, and you write great songs, and then I discovered oh that's not how it works. A lot of it is good luck, and I'm very grateful for it."

Consequence points out that drummer Dave Mello was also recently asked about it on The Peer Pleasure Podcast and said, "For me, I’m totally for it. I’d be into it," but then added, "It’s something the other members don’t need. They have so many other things going on in their lives. It’s not something they’d want to do."

In 2020, Jesse's newer band Classics of Love released their first EP with their new lineup, World of Burning Hate (one of our favorite punk albums the year), and last year, the lineup played a show and Jesse mentioned that the band might change its name out of respect for the original lineup.

The conversation on The Hard Times Podcast about Op Ivy starts around the 46-minute mark. Listen: