Icelandic artist JFDR has announced a new album, Museum, which will be out April 28 via Houndstooth. She made it with Shahzad Ismaily at his Figure 8 studio in Brooklyn and says it's “an album about clearing and healing; like breathing fresh strong air through your old self.”

The album includes last year's "The Orchid" and the new single is the gorgeous, airy "Spectator" that weaves acoustic and electronic elements wonderfully.  “‘Spectator’ is an anthem for the codependent, a lullaby for the ones slightly codependent and for those who have never felt it; a mirror into the raw thought process of someone deep in the trenches of it,” JFDR says.

The video, which makes good use of Iceland's natural beauty, is lovely, too. “The video was made with my good friend Timothee Lambrecq, and the unmissable support from my husband Josh Wilkinson and old bandmate Áslaug Magnúsdóttir," JFDR says. "The clouds represent thoughts, and getting swallowed by a big cloud is symbolic of the thoughts that can overtake you, when you lose your ground. I also wanted to reference the album and its artwork that centers around a statue, representing energy frozen in time. I truly hope this song makes someone feel seen. It can take a long time to learn to navigate big emotions, whether they’re your own or others. I was feeling it at the time.”

Watch the video, and check out Museum's artwork and tracklist, below.

jfdr museum

1. The Orchid
2. Life Man
3. Spectator
4. Air Unfolding
5. Flower Bridge
6. Valentine
7. Sideways Moon
8. February
9. Underneath The Sun

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