Luscious Jackson

One of this week's interesting releases is definitely Luscious Jackson's CD of Greatest Hits. You can LISTEN to the whole thing at AOL.

Interesting, but maybe not as great, is the other Luscious Jackson CD coming out this week - the one called "City Beach" by ex-frontwoman Jill Cunniff.

AND MOST INTERESTING is that Jill has some shows scheduled. She'll be playing solo stuff in addition to LJ songs:

Jill Cunniff | 2007 Tour Dates
Wed March 7, 7pm @ Virgin Megastore Union Square, NYC (solo acoustic)
Sun March 11 @ Mercury Lounge, NYC (first ever full band show)
Thu March 29 @ Hotel Café, Los Angeles.

She's also playing SXSW, but is so far missing from the schedule.