Bon Iver

Since we're starting with the lists already, might as well point out this fun one from Chicago's Jim DeRogatis who writes stuff like:

"This is what happens if you cross the insufferably cute Zooey Deschannel with the Natalie Portman of Black Swan," I wrote in my original review. But that sounds way more interesting than the actuality of this bad modern Disney soundtrack.

That was in reference to St. Vincent's new one. Jim's complete list of what he believes are the top 10 turkeys released in 2011, below...

The biggest turkeys of 2011
1. Lou Reed & Metallica, Lulu (Warner Bros.)
2. Bon Iver, Bon Iver (Jagjaguwar)
3. Bjork, Biophilia (One Little Indian/Polydor)
4. Coldplay, Mylo Xyloto (Capitol)
5. Lady Gaga, Born This Way (Interscope)
6. Adele, 21 (XL/Columbia)
7. Art Brut, Brilliant! Tragic! (Downtown)
8. P.J. Harvey, Let England Shake (Vagrant)
9. St. Vincent, Strange Mercy (4AD)
10. Drake, Take Care (Cash Money)

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