Sparta and Sleepercar frontman (and former At The Drive In guitarist/backing vocalist) Jim Ward will release a new solo album, Daggers, on June 11 via Dine Alone Records (pre-order). The first single is the mid-tempo indie rock of "Paper Fish," and here's what Jim told FLOOD about this song: "'Paper Fish' was the last song I wrote for Daggers. It seemed like it was the final piece of a puzzle I had been working on. It is rare for me to sit down, write, and then sing something almost completely in one take—but that is what happened on this song. It was if the process of making this record allowed me to finally break through and say exactly what I was trying to say. Life is a journey and for me that journey is 100 percent about being a better person. I think about and work towards this everyday. When I die, I want to die the best man I’ve ever been."

The album was written and recorded during the pandemic, and though COVID-19 restrictions didn't allow Jim to record the album in person with other musicians, it does feature a very notable rhythm section: bassist Ben Kenney of Incubus (and briefly of The Roots) and drummer Tucker Rule of Thursday. "My friends did this for the pure love of making music with a friend," he said of Ben and Tucker. "There’s no higher compliment. I don’t know how I’ll repay them."

Album artwork, tracklist, and lyric video for the new single below...

Jim Ward Daggers

Day By Day
Blink Twice
Electric Life
Paper Fish
I Got A Secret
Keep On Failure
Polygraph (Attack)
Foreign Currency
Safe Pair Of Hands
King Yourself


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