Maya Rudolph and Martin Short's new variety show Maya and Marty has been going for a couple weeks now, and last night, there was all kinds of good material for music fans.

First of all, Martin broke out his classic, absurdist celebrity interviewer character Jiminy Glick for a sit-down with Drake. It's about as funny and all-over-the-place as you'd expect, with Drake acting like the good sport that he is as Jiminy "cleans his face like a cat," invites Drake to a "ritualistic steam bath," and asks if he misses "the hood" (you'll have to watch to find out what he means by that specifically).

Meanwhile, Maya brought out her old SNL pal Tina Fey for a '70s variety show-style medley, where they sang (atop too-tall stools) a bunch of stuff like "I'll Never Fall in Love Again," "Love Will Keep Us Together," in addition to giving instructions on how to make up a Joni Mitchell song ("mention a place in Canada and then say something about a baby"). It's a funny, long bit that gets at some of the unique possibilities offered by this format.

The episode also featured guest spots from Nathan Lane and Steve Martin, along with Maya breaking out her classic Beyonce impersonation. You can watch the Jiminy/Drake and Maya/Tina clips, along with the entire episode, below.

Check out the Jiminy/Drake clip and the Maya/Tina medley below.

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