On the heels of releasing their best album in years (and our #4 emo/punk album of 2016), Jimmy Eat World brought their tour of (relatively) intimate venues to NYC on Saturday (12/17). They opened with "Get Right" off the new album and played most of its other songs too. The metal riffs at the end of "Pass the Baby" were especially powerful in a live setting and "Sure and Certain," sandwiched in between "The Middle" and "Sweetness" in the encore, felt like it could be as big a hit as those songs are.

Aside from new material, they played basically everything you'd want to hear (unless you were hoping for anything off Static Prevails) and sounded totally professional doing so. They're still humble on stage but precision-wise they're like stars. It probably doesn't hurt that they've never broken up or changed their lineup since 1995.

They played a lot of Bleed American, other hits from their 2000s era like "Work," "Pain," and "Big Casino," and three cuts off the classic Clarity: "For Me This Is Heaven," "Goodbye Sky Harbor," and "Your New Aesthetic," the latter of which sounds way heavier live these days than it does on the album. Given the season, they also did their cover of "Last Christmas," which Jim Adkins said was a request.

Opening the show was Prawn, a younger band who are clearly influenced by the type of emo Jimmy Eat World helped define in the '90s. They were fun as always, and a nice fit for the show. Pictures of both bands are in the gallery above.


Jimmy Eat World @ Webster Hall - 12/17/16 Setlist
Get Right
Bleed American
I Will Steal You Back
Big Casino
You with Me
Hear You Me
Last Christmas
Pass the Baby
Just Tonight...
It Matters
For Me This Is Heaven
Your New Aesthetic
Goodbye Sky Harbor
If You Don't, Don't
You Are Free
Always Be
A Praise Chorus
My Best Theory

The Middle
Sure and Certain


photos by Amanda Hatfield

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