Z2 Comics have teamed up with several musical artists on comic books and graphic novels, including Blondie, Grateful Dead, Anthrax, Czarface, Cypress Hill, Rico Nasty, Sublime, Dio, Sturgill Simpson, Graham Coxon, Gorillaz, and much more, and their latest collaboration is with Jimmy Eat World. They've just announced Jimmy Eat World: 555, which is due May 21 (pre-order). It's based on the video for "555" and was co-written by Jimmy Eat World frontman Jim Adkins and Random Shock Studios. The announcement reads:

Jim Adkins says “There was a fair bit of world-building around the characters for the ‘555’ music video and it felt too interesting to end the story there… it screamed for a comic adaption. I gave Alex Paknadel the basics of the character backstories and he was able to conceptualize an amazing world that Koren Shadmi perfectly illustrated.”

Klaarg took the job at the edge of known space to be as far away from the Asano Pact – from people – as possible. As the overseer of a factory that produces Kudj Kram, the cloned slave labor that keeps the corrupt system he represents running, his days are exactly as he wants them: empty and without incident. However, when his factory is targeted for closure, Klaarg discovers that he is as expendable to his superiors as the creatures in his charge.

Adkins continues “The song ‘555’ is about shifting your thinking from what you can gain to how you can contribute and the surprising rewards that brings. Based on that concept, our main character KLAARG works for an evil galactic empire as an overseer of a cloned work force and ends up battling with his own values as his purpose in the universe becomes threatened.”

“We started work on this project with Jim awhile back, and I am thrilled to see it released” says Josh Frankel, publisher of Z2 Comics. “Jimmy Eat World were one of the first bands we spoke with who had an immediate understanding of the potential of comic book storytelling to further the experience for music fans beyond an album or tour. I think that what we came up with together will be uniquely satisfying to fans of comics and music lovers alike.”

Jimmy Eat World: 555 is available in three versions: a 60 page oversized softcover comic, a hardcover, and a hand-signed hardcore (limited to 100). Get yours here.

Watch the video for "555" below.

Jimmy Eat World

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