Jimmy Eat World have shared a 41-song Spotify playlist inspired by the music they listened to on tour from 1994 to 2000, before they had their massive mainstream breakthrough with 2001's Bleed American. Drummer Zach Lind posted the playlist and wrote:

This is a playlist that was inspired by our years on tour in our van between 1994-2000. At that time we didn’t have the benefit of cellphones, laptops, or iPads. Instead we were armed with Tom’s beeper and a cassette deck (along with a cassette tape adapter. Google it kids).

And with this cassette deck we listened to music nonstop. These songs represent a cross section of all the music that swirled around us for years as we learned how to be a band on the road. To say that these songs inspired us is an understatement. We hope you enjoy them.

The playlist is full of awesome music, including a lot of bands that were clear influences on Jimmy Eat World's sound, as well as music by some of their peers. It's got songs by Weezer, Fugazi, The Promise Ring, Sugar, Wilco, Jawbreaker, Unwound, Girls Against Boys, Elliott Smith, Jawbox, Sebadoh, Christie Front Drive, J Church, The Jesus Lizard, The Flaming Lips, Jets To Brazil, Rocket From The Crypt, Superchunk, Tortoise, Pegboy, Archers of Loaf, Pedro the Lion, Queens of the Stone Age, The Sea and Cake, Drive Like Jehu, Nirvana, June of 44, Tom Petty, Built to Spill, Seam, and more. Listen below.

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