The Sonder Bombs guitarist/keyboardist/backing vocalist Jimmy Wilkens is also a solo artist as Jimmy Lo-Fi, and he released his latest solo album Silence of Traveling Alone on Refresh Records this past fall. We're now premiering an animated music video (made by fellow DIY musician Jhariah Clare) for its song "Silence of Traveling Alone," which uses outer space imagery as a metaphor for the song's theme of loneliness. Jimmy explains:

When writing this song, I think I was watching a Star Wars movie or maybe Star Trek and was thinking about how those lasers wouldn’t actually make a noise in space, which led me down a rabbit hole about how silent, cold, and vast space really is. It’s also very lonely, which can be terrifying! I wrote the song around Dec 2020 when I was feeling lonely and cut off from everyone. I thought it would be fun to drench those feelings in space and physics metaphors.

When it came to the video, I wanted to showcase a lot of those feelings of isolation and fear but also show that if you look a little deeper, you can still find beauty all around you and that being alone maybe isn’t the worst thing. Jhariah really took this concept and ran with it and he absolutely killed it. When I’m not making music, I often have my nose in a book about space and I’m happy to have found a way to bring both of those loves together.

Watch the video and stream the full album below...

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