Footwork great Jlin composed the score for a new video game, Songs Of The Lost. Created as part of a commission for the 2019 edition of Manchester International Festival by designer Palmoa Dawkins and collaborators, the game is described as "a psychedelic audiovisual experience":

Will our trust in technology be our downfall?

Songs of the Lost is a magic-realist game odyssey through a surreal and absurd digital landscape. You’ll cross boundaries and traverse borders, roam hidden highways and meet enigmatic strangers, explore secret forests and enter the void on your journey to Apocabliss, the last safe haven…

Jlin composed ten original tracks for Songs Of The Lost, and you can watch a teaser for it, that features her music, below. The game is also available to download here.

Jlin performed at Manchester International Festival, and she has a couple more shows coming up, too. As mentioned, she'll play at the Montreal edition of Mutek Festival in August, and she's announced a new Brooklyn date, happening at Elsewhere on September 13. Tickets are on sale now.

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