NYC songwriter and musician Joanna Sternberg releases a new album, Then I Try Some More, on July 12 via Team Love Records. That's the cover art above, drawn by Joanna, who is also a visual artist. We've heard the album's first couple of singles, including deeply felt ballad "This Is Not Who I Want to Be" and "For You," a minimal slice of bedroom pop; today we're premiering a third, "Step Away," a bedroom folk take on requited love.

About the song, Joanna says:

"Step Away" is about the complex mixed emotions I experienced when I fell in love with a new friend who did not reciprocate my feelings. This person constantly wanted to spend time alone with me, while rejecting all of my (many) blatant confessions and proposals of wanting us to be intimate and romantic. I knew that I would be in pain when I went home after we would hang out, but the desire to spend time with this person overpowered that sad fact. My friend and I wound up becomming a "couple," and we were romantic partners for three years. Although I did become involved with this person, there have been countless other friends who have ultimately rejected my love, so this song tells many stories of my friendships. The main emotional states I wanted to express while writing this song (and I want to express when I perform it) were longing, unrequited love, feeling insecure about every aspect of myself (how I look, how I behave and everything else in between.) The irony of this song, is that I find (and have always found) every human to be equally physically beautiful, and I am the only perdon I find shallow appearence based flaws with. Oh well! I guess I have more songs to write!

Listen to "Step Away" below.

Joanna is doing some touring in support of Then I Try Some More, including dates with their label's co-founder Conor Oberst and a couple of Brooklyn headlining shows: an album release show and art show/sale on July 12 at The Glove (which is closing in September) and another following their tour with Conor on August 18 at Alphaville (tickets). Joanna's date with Conor stops at White Eagle Hall on July 21, which is sold out. See all of Joanna's upcoming dates below.

Joanna Sternberg: 2019 Tour
July 12th - Brooklyn, NY @ The Glove (Album Release Show)
July 17th - Portsmouth NH - Prescott Park Free Concert Series with Conor Oberst
July 18th - Providence RI - Columbus Theater with Conor Oberst
July 19th - Norwalk CT - Wall St Theater with Conor Oberst
July 20th - Bearsville NY - Bearsville Theater with Conor Oberst
July 21st - Jersey City NJ - White Eagle Hall with Conor Oberst
July 23rd - Kalamazoo MI - Bells Brewery with Conor Oberst
July 24th - Chicago IL - Thalia Hall with Conor Oberst
July 25th - Cincinatti OH - Taft Theatre with Conor Oberst
July 26th - Bloomington IL - Castle Theater with Conor Oberst
July 27th - Maquoketa IA - Codfish Hollow with Conor Oberst
July 28th - Minneapolis MN - Weesner Amphitheater with Conor Oberst
August 18th - Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville

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