UK duo Jockstrap's fantastic debut album, I Love You Jennifer B, has been appearing on early year end lists, and they're on their first North American tour, which stopped in Brooklyn over the weekend for two sold out nights at The Sultan Room. The shows likely could have been upgraded to a larger venue and still been full, but it was a treat to see the duo in such an intimate and unique space. I went on Saturday night (11/19), which found Taylor Skye presiding over a collection of synths and keyboards while Georgia Ellery switched between guitar, violin, singing, and dancing. They played everything off their new album and then some, with "Glasgow," "Jennifer B," and the immense "Concrete Over Water" really getting people singing along, and Skye manipulating Ellery's vocals into a cacophony of sound on "The City."

People were grooving along to the duo's irresistible beats all night, but with the set's final song, "50/50," the room transformed into a full on dance party. Everyone went wild, and Skye emptied his water bottle onto the crowd as he left the stage. A very fun show all around.

Ernest Rareberrg opened the night with a set that mixed art pop, hip-hop, and performance art. See pictures from the whole night, along with Jockstrap's setlist, below.

Jennifer B
Greatest Hits
What’s It All About?
Lancaster Court
Concrete Over Water
The City
I Want Another Affair (Taylor Skye Remix)

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