Joe Nelson is the original vocalist of Ignite, he's also played in The Killing Flame and Triggerman, and he's been busy lately as the co-founder of hardcore/punk reissue label Trust Records, which has been responsible for the very cool recent reissues from Circle Jerks, 7Seconds, and Agression, and with more like SSD to come. With the year coming to a close, he made us a list of his favorite albums of 2022 (plus two music books and a movie), including Soul Glo, Drug Church, Praise, High Vis, Taylor Swift ("it’s hard for me to get mad at [Taylor causing vinyl delays for other artists] when she and Jack Antonoff drop something this good"), and more. Read on for his list, with commentary on each pick...

Some New Kind of Kick: A Memoir by Kid Congo Powers
What a read. However, when you’ve played with the likes of The Cramps, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, and The Gun Club you have a resume worthy of a memoir. If that wasn’t enough, you get a unique perspective of his journey as a Chicano gay man coming of age in 1970’s Southern California. Oh yeah, he also was the President of The Ramones fan club and wrote a zine for The Screamers. Basically, Kid Congo Powers has seen and done everything that’s cool. Grab this book today!

Praise - All in a Dream
This band sure knows how to write hooks. Sometimes when I listen to this album I can’t tell if it came out this year or on Dischord in the year 1985. It also makes me wonder what the hell is happening in Baltimore. What’s in the water? Starting with Trapped Under Ice to Turnstile, to these dudes to Truth Cult and so on it seems every time I hear a new fresh sounding hardcore band, they’re from Baltimore.

Soul Glo - Diaspora Problems
I would sum this entire album up as chaos recorded. It comes after you like a heard of Tasmanian Devils and does not stop pursuing until the final note of the final song “Spiritual Level of Gang Shit”. The way they blend so many different genres into one collective is amazing. Every time I spin it, I pick up something I didn’t catch the last time.

Hammered Hulls - Careening
Alec MacKaye has been inspiring me and everyone associated with Trust Records since I first heard The Faith. So, it’s pretty impressive that some 40 years later this dude drops an album which is as good, relevant, and moving as any of his previous endeavours. Not to mention the production Don Zeintara still generates out of Inner Ear Studios pretty much blows away most everyone else. Somebody really needs to make a documentary on that studio.

High Vis - Blending
The UK band's sophomore effort does not disappoint. The Noel Gallagheresque riffs matched with vocalist Graham Sayles hardcore sensibility, and all laid over this 1980s post-punk vibe is just plain fucking cool. Would not be surprised in the least to see these cats headlining festivals within the next few years.

The Fabelmans (movie)
I asked our 2 warehouse guys what their favorite movie of 2022 was. Lucas immediately yelled out The Fabelmans. Nico sat there pondering the question for like 5 minutes – no joke. He then said "Pearl, no wait Nope, but Pearl is good too”. Therefore, we’re going with Lucas’s recommendation since he’s an inspiring filmmaker whose film Infernal Swordsman comes out in early 2023.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Cool it Down
I didn’t realize how much I had missed Karen O and the gang until they dropped this album, their first in 9 years. The opening song which is a duet with Perfume Genius called “Spiting Off the Edge of the World” is absolute perfection. On a side note, the documentary Meet Me in the Bathroom which just dropped features the earliest of early footage of them which is just incredible to see. The book by Lizzy Goodman which that doc us based on is worth the read as well.

Drug Church – Hygiene
It’s been fun watching these dudes grow as a band over the past 10 years. Whereas to my ears their debut album Paul Walker felt more like a fun side project for Patrick Kindoln to exercise his hardcore chops, on their fourth release, Hygiene, it's a fully formed band hitting its stride. I could also probably listen to Chris Villeneuve’s isolated drum tracks and still come away thinking this was one of the best albums of 2022.

Lightning Strike by Lenny Kaye
It’s hard not to hit at least a triple when you have a musician turned author as revered as Lenny Kaye doing a deep dive on the 10 moments that changed rock n' roll history – in his opinion. The chapter of the NYC scene circa 1975, which Kaye was front and center in as the guitarist for the Patti Smith Group is worth the price alone. It’s also one of those books where you can just read the chapters (moments) which appeal to you and pick up something of value.

Taylor Swift - Midnights
It’s no secret within the music industry that Taylor Swift caused vinyl production to be delayed by months and months. Midnights pretty much ensured that Trust Records' next release, 7Seconds' Walk Together, Rock Together, was pushed to early 2023--February 3rd to be exact. However, it’s hard for me to get mad at it when she and Jack Antonoff drop something this good. I wouldn’t even call her music a guilty pleasure of mine. I straight up really like it.


Keith Morris (Circle Jerks, Black Flag, OFF!) also spoke to us about Trust Records on a recent episode of our podcast:


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