Comedian Joe Pera is a gentle, calming force in a world that's increasingly fraught with stress. As a companion piece to his great Adult Swim series Joe Pera Talks With You, he released YouTube video "Joe Pera Talks You To Sleep For 10 Hours" and at the height of COVID-19 lockdown shared "Relaxing Old Footage With Joe Pera." You can check out both of those. and a clip from the classic "Baba O'Reilly" episode of his TV show, below.

Now Joe has written a book a lot of people could use, titled A Bathroom Book for People Not Pooping or Peeing But Using the Bathroom as an Escape. That title is pretty self explanatory, but it's further described as being for "anxious readers looking to feel calm, confident, and less alone." Here's more about it from his publishers, Forge Books:

Joe Pera goes to the bathroom a lot. And his friend, Joe Bennett, does too. They both have small bladders but more often, it’s just to get a moment of quiet, a break from work, or because it’s the only way they know how to politely end conversations.

So they created a functional meditative guide to help people who suffer from social anxiety and deal with it in this very particular way. Although, it’s a comedic book, the goal is to help these readers:

1. Relax
2. Recharge
3. Rejoin the world outside of the bathroom

It’s also fun entertainment for people simply hiding in the bathroom to avoid doing work.

Though we could probably use this book right now in the month leading up to the election, it won't actually be out till May 4, 2021. But you can pre-order it now.

In the meantime, you should really catch up on Joe Pera Talks With You -- or rewatch it -- and you can bang out both seasons of the sweet, funny series in about the same time it takes to watch The Irishman. You can stream it on Adult Swim's website and HBO Max. They've also made the very calming music from the series free to download.

joe pera A Bathroom Book for People Not Pooping or Peeing But Using the Bathroom as an Escape

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