Hand Habits' Meg Duffy and Joel Ford (Ford & Lopatin) have formed yes/and which is not an improv comedy group but an ambient duo who will release their self-titled debut album on July 20 via Driftless Recordings.

The collaboration took shape during lockdown in Los Angeles, mixing Meg's nuanced, intricate finger-picked guitar work, and Ford's production and sound design talent. There are two tracks to stream off the album now: the dappled sunlight sounds of "Ugly Orange" and the more distinctly dreamlike "Centered Shell." Both are beautiful and calming -- stream them below.


1. Craggy
2. Ugly Orange
3. More Than Love
4. Learning About Who You Are
5. Centered Shell
6. Tumble
7. Melt Away
8. Making A Monument
9. Emotion Scroll
10. In My Heaven All Faucets Are Fountains

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