Chicago rapper Joey Purp will follow 2018's Quarterthing with a new mixtape, UpLate, on September 24 via self-release. The project has no features and marks Joey's production debut, and it continues to embrace the Chicago house influence that was heard on Quarterthing.

"We really just wanted to expand. Expand on everything we’ve done. Expand on our sound. Expand Chicago’s sound and what that means to the world," Joey said. "We wanted to give a glimpse at our history and our future at the same time you know. There’s a saying, you don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you came from. In hip hop, we say it ain’t where you from it’s where you at. So this is where we’re from and this is where we’re at and this is where we’re going. And this is what it sounds like."

The first single is "Outside," which Joey and Smoko Ono co-produced, and it's a dark, thumping, inventive dose of hip-house that serves as a very promising taste of this mixtape. Listen and watch the video below.

Already that (prod. Dex Lvl)
Cake (prod. Dex Lvl, Joey Purp)
Candy paint prod. (Joey Purp, Stint, Knox Fortune, Dex Lvl)
Outside (prod. Smoko Ono, Joey Purp)
Damn (prod. Knox Fortune, Joey Purp)
Uh huh (prod. Thelonious Martin, Joey Purp, Dex Lvl)
200 or better (prod. Joey Purp, Dex Lvl)
Check please (prod. Joey Purp/Dex Lvl)
Love (prod. Stix, Joey Purp)
10 toes (prod. Stix, Joey Purp)

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