John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask have been celebrating Hedwig & The Angry Inch with "The Origin on Love," a touring show of songs and stories from and about the musical. The 2020 iteration, "Return to the Origin of Love," was postponed because of Covid, and while the NYC dates at Town Hall, rescheduled to the end December, were threatened by the Omicron surge, they went ahead with a masked, vaccinated crowd. "I’ve had a lot of people begging me not to cancel as they flew in to see it, a smaller number begging me to cancel or postpone, and some cast members who won’t be able to afford rent if we don’t do the shows," Mitchell wrote on Instagram ahead of the dates. "I feel a bit trapped. So if you feel uncomfortable we convinced the wonderful venue to offer refunds. And those of you who still want come just know that parties will be masked, distanced if wanted, vaccines will be checked, and I’d love if you could get a test beforehand if possible- but obvi its hard to get them and we cant check store bought ones! Hope that will work for everyone. Its going to be a great show!!"

Mitchell and Trask were joined by Amber Martin (who covered Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust," dedicated to Mick Rock, during the encore), Hedwig house band Tits of Clay, and special guest Richard Butler of The Psychedelic Furs (who joined them for "Wicked Little Town" and a rendition of "The Ghost In You") for the NYC shows, and in addition to December 29 and 30 at Town Hall, they added a New Year's Eve performance at Cutting Room. See pictures by Sachyn Mital, and some fan taken videos, from the Town Hall shows below.

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