Hedwig & The Angry Inch collaborators John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask have just released "Nation of One," their first new song together in 20 years. "Weary of red blue polarization, marital tension, cookie-cutter pop songs? Missing guitars?" John says offering up this button-pushing, very 2021 song that includes such lyrics as:

I’m done with white noise
and proud boys
and god-given killing toys
and fascist divinity
I’m over cancel culture virtue vultures
profiteering victimhood and toxic femininity
can we incinerate the tik-tok houses
by the thousands
influencers might allow us
to watch them burn for free

"Nation of One" features JCM backed by Hedwig live band Tits of Clay, aka Stephen Trask, Justin Craig, Tim Mislock, Peter Yanowitz and Matt Duncan. Watch the video, directed by Matthew ZanFagna & Gnosis, below.

The song is from volume 2 of John Cameron Mitchell's ongoing “distance-defying, community-built benefit album” New American Dream, that features him collaborating with musicians and artists like Ezra Furman, Wynton Marsalis and Catherine Russell, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon (American Idol), Ted Nash, Billy Hough, Brett Every, Amber Martin and Nat Wolff.

The song with Wolff, "Call Me Joe," was written for the upcoming Joe Exotic miniseries based on Tiger King, that John stars in alongside Kate McKinnon as Carole Baskin. That will premiere on the Peacock streaming network in February.

You can listen to New American Dream, as it stands, below.

John and Stephen will revisit Hedwig with three New Year's Origin of Love shows at NYC's Town Hall on December 29-31 (tickets). They've also added more Origin of Love tour dates, including Los Angeles shows at USC's Bovard Auditorium on January 21 & 22 (more info). All dates are listed below.

John Cameron Mitchell & Stephen Trask - The Origin of Love World Tour 2021/2022
December 4 @ Kingsbury Hall - Salt Lake City
December 29-31 @ Town Hall - NYC
January 21 & 22 @ Bovard Auditorium - Los Angeles

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