OSEES leader John Dwyer has already released two collaborative, improvisational albums with a rotating cast of players during the pandemic. He's back with a third, titled Gong Splat, that has him working with drummer Ryan Sawyer, bassist Greg Coates, keyboardist Wilder Zoby and percussionist Andres Renteria. It was recorded "in the peak of dope smoke lock down" by Dwyer at Stu-Stu-Studio and of it he writes:

This one is spitting fat and neon night light city drives
White in the corner of the pilot’s mouth
Furry, fuzzy and frenetic
Motorik and full of blood-rich ticks
Maggots unite!
There’s a show tonight!
Welcome back humans.

Gong Splat is out December 17 via Castle Face and we've got the premiere of the title track, a rhythm-forward jam that brings heavy Can vibes. Listen below.

john dwyer - gong splat

Gong Splat tracklist:
1. Gong Splat
2. Cultivated Graves
3. Toagut
4. Anther Dust
5. Yuggoth Travel Agency
6. Hypogeum
7. Oneironaut
8. Minor Protocides
9. Giedi Prime


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