John Lydon was back in front of a microphone today -- this time on Jamie East's Virgin Radio show -- to clarify the remarks he made on Good Morning Britain yesterday, specifically about Donald Trump. "I think I speak very clearly," Lydon said. "It doesn't mean I'm going to follow him to the grave...but whether you like him or not, you have to support him, or you will destroy the country....but the attitudes that are being pulled on him are so stupid and wrong. He’s got some serious money issues and business concerns that deeply fascinate all of us but to be smearing him as a racist, this isn’t right, there’s no evidence or proof to that and until there is, I’ll stand up and say that I think that’s wrong."

Lydon added, "I know damn well for the next week and a half that the rag and bone trade out there we call the media will be calling me a's going to be damn upsetting all over again to the grandkids." You can watch the clip of Lydon on Virgin Radio below.

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