John Maus took over Deno's Wonder Wheel Park in Coney Island on Friday (5/4) for a for an evening that a friend described as an "amazing hipster birthday party." Most of the rides, including the Wonder Wheel itself, were included with admission and had John Maus' gothy synthpop blasting in them. Part of the 2018 Red Bull Music Festival, there were also jugglers, clowns, palm readers, eyeball balloons, smoke machines galore, and of course lots of music. Even though Coney Island is home to an Applebee's and a shiny PopSugar candy store right on Surf Avenue, it's still a pretty freaky place and Maus and the rest of the night's performers, including Geneva Jacuzzi (who had one of the more interactive sets), Gary War, Superstar & Star, Maraschino, and Tommy Wight III, all fit into the weird vibes of the night. More a scene than a concert, it was nonetheless a lot of fun. Check out pictures in the gallery above.

Addendum, John Maus' new album that was previously just available in his box set, will be released May 18 via Ribbon Music.


photo credit: Drew Gurian and Maria Jose Govea / Red Bull / Content Pool

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