As you might remember, comedian John Mulaney did a lengthy Radio City run, where he filmed his recently-released Netflix special, Kid Gorgeous, and now he's also using that Radio City material for a new comedy album, Kid Gorgeous at Radio City, out September 28 via Drag City. Here's what Mulaney says about it:

This album is called Kid Gorgeous at Radio City. It is the album of the Netflix concert film I did called John Mulaney Kid Gorgeous at Radio City. The show was directed by Alex Timbers. Scott Pask built the set which you cannot see on the album but, boy oh boy, it was beautiful. I recorded this album at Radio City Music Hall. Radio City Music Hall is a big goddamn theater where the Rockettes perform and other people have too. The stage has three hydraulic lifts that allow humans and things to rise from the sub-basment to the stage level which is where the audience can see you. I rode one of them every show we did, but I was offstage so you couldn't tell. Again this is not going to affect the album. Jon Brion played Radio City's Mighty Wurlitzer at all seven shows. The Mighty Wurlitzer is not a powerful German wizard but rather an organ with 58 ranks and 4,178 pipes lining the whole concert hall. When he played the thing it sounded like he was playing the whole building and the ground shook like God or Gozer/Zool was about to appear. Jon Brion's beautiful original theme, recorded on that organ in that room, is on this album. Max Silvestri appeared on each show. He was so funny. He is a great human being. Michael Berkowitz made these shows and this whole tour happen. Mike Berkowitz walks through kitchens. Thank you Mike. And thank you to Cara Masline, David Miner and John Skidmore. And thank you to my Dad for writing half my act through a series of unprompted statements throughout my childhood. I love you Dad. This album was recorded almost 45 years to the day that David Bowie performed at Radio City. I didn't know that until that afternoon and I got all emotional. I am grateful to all the audiences who came to see me but I do all of this to make my wife Anna laugh. I hope you enjoy the album. It's a bunch of stories about how I remember life being, or at least feeling, towards the end of the 20th Century and the beginning of the 21st. Then there are a few loud complaints about petty things. Then other jokes and stuff. I wrote and performed all of them. I like doing stand-up comedy very much.

If you haven't seen Kid Gorgeous, it's hilarious and very recommended. For a taste, watch his recent SNL monologue (which has some similar jokes):

Ghosts 2:43
What Would Leonard Bernstein Do? 2:57
We Have Cleared the Entire Day for This Random Guy 4:07
Stranger Danger 8:31
I Didn't Drink the Water the Entire Time 6:36
Long Victorian Nightgown 2:10
Is That Something You Find Funny Mr. Mulaney? 1:42
Monkey, Monkey, Monkey Man 2:44
Tonight's No Good How About Wednesday? :40
Lyrics by Me & Mick Jagger 4:59
The Phone Used to Be a Wood Box with a Thing on It 1:40
Waving at a Ship 1:03
Now It's Time for the Robot Test 1:30
Building a Gazebo in the Civil War 1:25
There's a Horse in the Hospital 6:56
The Mayor of Nothing 3:17
Petunia and the Last Supper 4:19
God Can't Hear You 5:49
Fantasia on the Bittenbender Method for Organ in C Major by Jon Brion 2:54

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