John Vanderslice has announced a new band, ORANGEPURPLEBEACH, who will release their debut, d E A T h ~ b U g, on April 8. This is a further exploration of the purely digital world first heard on 2020's Eeeeeeeep. "I’m interested in making more abstract and surreal music," he says, "and I want to recede as the narrator and face of my own music."

The first single from the album is "pylon shadow," which sounds more like a pixel revolt than his album Pixel Revolt did. It's dark and strange and compelling. There's also a 12-part film accompaniment to d E A T h ~ b U g, and you can watch the "pylon shadow" segment below.

In other news, John has a new podcast, Keep the Dream Alive, which chronicles the rise and fall of his famed Tiny Telephone recording studio that recorded Mountain Goats, Death Cab For Cutie, Spoon and others. Produced by TrueAnon, Keep the Dream Alive features interviews with Ben Gibbard, Daniel Handler, producers, and more. You can listen to the first three episodes below.

attachment-john vanderclice death bug

d E A T h ~ b U g:
1. fuckery: the beginning
2. pylon shadows
3. timid ~ notches
4. exposure
5. issues ~ unclear
6. admin reveal/take cover
7. cut muslin
8. dimly lit fuse
9. jute mouse
10. sitemap//raytheon technologies
11. sumac oceans
12. idol attack

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