Johnny Marr is releasing his new album, Fever Dreams, as a series of four EPs. The first EP was just released and Fever Dreams Pt 2 will be out December 17 via BMG. He's just shared two tracks from it: gleaming rocker "Tenement Time," and the dancier, more electro "Sensory Street."

"That’s the experience of growing up in the inner city as a little kid, running around being quite wild," Marr says of "Tenement Time." "This idea of 'Forever, forever is mine' - it’s about running around Ardwick, bunking into warehouses and getting chased. That was the first time I was self-consciously into culture: around people who wore certain clothes, and it was part of being a little Manchester boy, really. I have a real romanticism about that period of my life.” As for "Sensory Street," Johnny says it's "story of a surreal 48 hours in subterranean England."

You can watch videos for both new songs, and see the full Fever Dreams tracklist, below.

Johnny will be on tour in the UK in September, and will open on The Killers 2022 tour, including two nights at NYC's Madison Square Garden.

Fever Dreams Pts 1-4 tracklist:
1. Spirit Power & Soul
2. Receiver
3. All These Days
4. Ariel
5. Lightning People
6. Hideaway Girl
7. Sensory Street
8. Tenement Time
9. The Speed of Love
10. Night and Day
11. Counter-Clock World
12. Rubicon
13. God's Gift
14. Ghoster
15. The Whirl
16. Human