Johnny Ramone's Mosrite Ventures II guitar is up for auction, along with a number of other Ramones instruments and memorabilia. According to RR Auctions, the guitar, which has been on display at the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame for the last 25 years, was used by Johnny at every Ramones show from 1977 to his retirement in 1996. (That's approximately 1,985 shows.) The current bid for the guitar is at $275,000 and it's expected to hit $500k by the auction's end on Saturday, September 25.

The auction features items from the collection of Daniel Rey, who produced a number of Ramones albums and was a friend of Johnny's. Other items include Johnny's Electro-Harmonix Mike Matthews Freedom Amp, microphones used by Joey at Ramones' final concert, a map of the Chelsea Hotel basement drawn by Dee Dee Ramone, and more.

You can watch a video about Johnny's Mosrite guitar made for the auction, as well as video of the then-new guitar in action at Ramones' 1977 New Year's Eve show in London, below.

You can pick up Ramones' classic 1976 debut on vinyl in the BV shop.

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