Hello,lovely people!
I'm writing to put word out that I am doing two shows at Largo on March 5th & 9th,for my wonderful friend,Gungi.
If you happened to have gone to any of my shows,this past year,and if you liked the way it sounded--that's thanks to Gungi.He does a wonderful job,yes he does--but that is not why I love him.Gungi is one of those people that you just love,really actually LOVE,within five minutes of meeting him.As you may know,I am a girl prone to low-days.I don't know how many times I got to soundcheck,in a grumpy nasty,teary rut,and when I saw Gungi,all nearly seven feet of him,across the empty theatre,and we waved to eachother and he asked me how I was,I immediately got a jolt of life.It is nearly impossible to be in a bad mood around Gungi,even for me.---His face is a pep-talk!--His eyes are HUGS!He's like some mystical,benevolent Giant,right out of a fairytale....Well,I knew when I started writing this, that I wouldn't be able to really say this right,but here's the thing.He's my friend.I love him.He's helped me a lot when I have been in trouble.Now,he is in trouble,and I want to help him.To get his story,please visit If you can come to either of the shows at Largo,they should be pretty fun--Jon Brion,Dave palmer,David Garza,The Watkins(of Nickel Creek),and more...and if you don't come,then maybe you'd like to donate 5 bucks,or something--whatever you decide,I thank you,for being there for me,for giving a damn,and for making noise and for listening.
with so much love,