Jon Hopkins has shared a hauntingly beautiful rendition of “Dawn Chorus,” a piano-led track off of Thom Yorke‘s latest solo album, ANIMA (2019).

“I felt such bliss the first time I heard this piece – it seemed so mysterious and hypnotic, oblique but warm,” Hopkins says. “I thought there was so much beauty in that chord sequence that there was room to explore it on the piano and see what grew from it.”

He took to the studio back in April for the first time in weeks, “when everything was particularly quiet and surreal outside,” and recorded the cover in one take. “I left it very raw and upfront,” he says, “with just some sub bass and vocal drones in the background. The whole thing was done in a day and was a very cathartic experience.” You can listen below.

In other Thom Yorke-related news, the Radiohead musician recently released a pair of collaborative tracks he worked on with Four Tet and Burial.