Diamanda Galas and Jon Stewart who rarely turn in up in the same sentence, actually crossed paths back in 1994, when Diamanda gave a great, intense performance of "Skótoseme" from her collaborative album with Led Zeppelin legend John Paul Jones on Stewart's old talk show.

Many years later these two very different, very unique performers have returned to the public eye after some time off the map. Jon Stewart, who we miss more than ever thanks to this insane election season, surfaced on Monday with his first public appearance in some time, doing a live podcast interview with former Obama campaign manager and current University of Chicago professor David Axelrod where he talked in depth about the current election cycle, bringing his funny but abidingly level-headed take on Trump and more. You can watch that full interview here:

One night later Diamanda Galas took the stage for her first of three rare NYC shows at St. Thomas The Apostle Church as part of Red Bull Music Academy where she's been playing new material with just her amazing voice, and piano. Check out pictures and a report from night one. The remaining two shows, happening May 12 and 14, are sold out.


The New York Times also recently did a big feature on Diamanda and her return to NYC.

It’s that vim that has propelled Ms. Galás to continually breach the limits of music, improvising, mixing classical bel canto singing with demonic shrieks, muttering and glossolalic runs. Her vocal range is stunning, though the precise parameter is unknown. Theories put it at anywhere from three and a half octaves to eight octaves, and, like the Gyuto monks of Tibet, she can invoke more than one at a time.

The whole piece, which also touches on politics, is well worth a read.


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