Post-hardcore veteran Jonah Matranga (Far, New End Original, onelinedrawing, etc) has lent his unmistakable voice to a new song by Fake Figures, the Southern California band who formed in 2011 with former Hotwire vocalist Rus Martin, Atreyu guitarist Travis Miguel, Scars of Tomorrow bassist Bob Bradley, and drummer Steve Ludwig (who used to front Nations Afire). The song is the title track off Fake Figures' new EP We Are The Dead, which comes out this Friday (11/15) via War Against Records (pre-order), and Jonah says, "I fuckin loved being a part of this. The track is massive. I’m just into working with people across all sorts of music, and I appreciated the band giving me room to run on this one. I think we made something exciting & real, which is what it’s all about for me."

Rus Martin adds, "This song is our theme for the EP and I wanted to put it in someone else’s hands, someone else’s voice and heart. Jonah was the absolute perfect choice and we were all so thrilled he signed on for it. I took the quote “We are the dead” from the book 1984, it’s the last thing Winston says to Julia before he was finally caught by the Thought Police. That’s all I told Jonah, besides... just roll with that concept and make it your own. And he did just that. In fact, he took it to a place that was thoughtful and so impactful lyrically.. I was like.. ok, all my stuff just got ghosted. Haha!! But it’s exactly what I hoped would happen because music, to me at this stage, is more about the people I connect with and how they interpret ideas into a collaboration I would have never thought of. It’s another step on the ladder of the musical journey."

Listen to the new song below.

Jonah and Fake Figures are also playing a show together in LA on December 13. That's Fake Figures' only upcoming date at the moment, but for Jonah it's part of a short West Coast tour he'll be on this December. All dates here.

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