Mr. Winters was at his best when winging it, confounding television hosts and luckless straight men with his rapid-fire delivery of bizarre observations uttered by characters like Elwood P. Suggins, a Midwestern Everyman, or one-off creations like the woodland sprite who bounded onto Jack Paar's late-night show and simperingly proclaimed: "I'm the voice of spring. I bring you little goodies from the forest."

A one-man sketch factory, Mr. Winters could re-enact Hollywood movies, complete with sound effects, or create sublime comic nonsense with simple props like a pen-and-pencil set. - [NY Times]

Comedian and improv legend Jonathan Winters died last night (4/11) at his home in Monteceto, CA. He was 87. A few clips of his still-hilarious comic mind are below. Rest in peace, Jonanthan.


Jonathan Winters on Jack Paar, 1964

Jonathan Winters on Johnny Carson roast

Jonathan Winters As An Airline Pilot

Jonathan Winters in The Loved One

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