Jonwayne emerged out of the LA beat scene in the late '00s / early '10s, and after first making a name for himself as a beatmaker, he started showing off his talents as a rapper too. This year's Rap Album Two has perhaps his best rapping yet. An obvious standout is "LIVE From The Fuck You," which starts with a skit of some dude bugging Jonwayne in public because his girlfriend is a fan and he wants him to rap for her. Jonwayne doesn't want to be bothered, but eventually does it even after the guy insults him by saying he doesn't really look like a rapper. "Here's a little story about the way I make it hurt / The way I make you learn not to approach a man who's suffering for his work," he raps. It is indeed an awesome "fuck you," telling this guy once again to go mind his own business while also proving his skills as a lyricist and an MC. By the end of the song, the skit comes back and the annoying dude is freaking out about how good Jonwayne is, as he should be.

That line also serves a third purpose; it lets you in on Jon's personal struggles, which include alcoholism and anxiety. With his baritone, golden age rap-inspired delivery, Jonwayne talks about those struggles all over this album, making Rap Album Two such a personal and powerful work. "Putting health before career just to steer ahead," he raps on "Out of Sight." On the bleak "Blue Green," he puts you right in the middle of a real-life desperate situation: "I just cancelled my tour, I just woke up in bed, I had last night's dinner on the sheets, I had a burning in my throat I couldn't swallow." Those are just two of the many admissions of their kind on Rap Album Two. If you haven't heard it yet, you can stream the whole thing below.

Jonwayne is on tour now with Danny Watts (who features on Rap Album Two and released Black Boy Meets World this year on Jonwayne's Authors Recording Company imprint) with DJ EMV. They're in San Francisco tonight (10/6), and they'll make their way to NYC for a show on November 4 at Trans-Pecos, which includes support from Ceschi and Killin H8 & Gage (tickets).

All dates are listed, with streams of Rap Album Two and Black Boy Meets World, below.