Songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Jordana had a prolific year, releasing her fourth LP, Face The Wall, back in May, touring with Wallows, Remi Wolf, and Harry Teardrop, and wrapping up the year with another EP, I'm Doing Well, Thanks For Asking, in November. We've been asking artists to tell us about their favorite albums of 2022, and Jordana made us a list with Palm, MICHELLE, girlpuppy, Aldous Harding, and more. See her picks, complete with commentary, below.

Jordana has touring lined up in February and March of 2023. See all dates below.

Jordana's Favorite Albums of 2022

Aldous Harding - Warm Chris

My favorite album of the year 2022. Such a masterpiece. It rocks my world. It breaks the rules and disobeys the laws, but at the same time, follows a very specific artistry I never thought I’d ever hear. No skips, all repeats, any time of the year, on the road or at home, this album is adaptable to anything around it, regardless of the puffer jacket on the cover… 10/10.

MICHELLE - After Dinner We Talk Dreams

Another 10/10. Muah. Chef’s kiss. I heard this record in 2021 by my friend and collaborator of the band, Charlie Kilgore (the literal most talented person on this planet), and I quickly learned every single word due to listening to it literally every day. All bangers. Amazing songwriting. I could go on forever, but I wouldn’t want to embarrass myself. MICHELLE is the FUTURE.

Paul Cherry - Back On the Music!

I love Paul Cherry! Sue me! My friend Shelby told me earlier this year to come to a show at Lodge Room to see him play and I honestly had never heard of him — I had only known of my pal Sedona who was opening, and boy oh boy was it a great night. Lots of jazz fusion indie pop, but at the same time, classic song structure, some instrumental bliss, and even a song with a spoken word section by his wife! I feel the entire album as a concept similar to the feeling of the start of a day winding down to the end. It’s totally great.

Cola - Deep In View

This is another album with no skips for me. Great project, I can’t wait for more. We actually released our albums on the same day this year. The track listing on this one is just perfect when really getting into it and listening back. I’m finding a lot of music that is evoking new feelings I’ve never felt before, and I specifically recall several of these tracks doing so. Got to catch them at Baby’s All Right earlier in the year. So sick, and they sound just like the record.

Whitney - SPARK

This. Album. Rules. There are genuinely songs on here that I could listen to over and over and over and not get tired of…(I have.) The transitioning in the tracklisting is gorgeous and seamless. It’s one of those records you listen to and you kind of zone out just wondering how it was all put together, how they started that little melody, or that sample they added that you caught in the hooks that adds so much. If it wasn’t obvious in previous projects, Whitney’s multigenre range capability was really captured in this one. Beaut.

girlpuppy - When I’m Alone

Becca Harvey is my mf girl. I love her so much. You can really tell her songs on this record are straight from the heart. Gorgeous, touching production, feels so up close and vulnerable. Her voice is so beautiful and the structuring of these tracks is MUAH. I finally got to hear her play her headline show at Purgatory in the past week, and even got to join the band with my electric violin on “Revenant.”

Palm - Nicks and Grazes

I love this band with my whole heart. Some might even say that I am a stan… They popped off on this record. Just when I thought they’d disappeared, they came back to save the day. Palm is risen and ready to smack everyone (including me) in the face (I’m seeing them for the fourth time in a few days). They just keep getting crazier and crazier widdit.

black midi - Hellfire

black midi for President 2024. I’m so serious when I say that. If you don’t know about black midi, you should learn about black midi. If you don’t like black midi, you are simply in denial about this certain way awesome music can be made. I loved Schlagenheim and they just took it to the entire next level with this record. I got to see them play this album in Central Park for free earlier this year and they rocked everyone’s socks off and looked so swag whilst doing so.

Jackie Hayes - Over & Over

Jackie is one of my friends that I have to make sure I don’t fan out and freak her out every time I am around her expressing to her how important her art is to me. I’m like a stan friend… This record is full of crazy bangers. You’ll never hear rock music done like this, I can promise you. She is so freaking cool and great at what she does. One of my biggest inspo’s. Period.

Alex G - God Save the Animals

Going out with a bang…of course, last but not least, we have the Sacred G. I swear, he never disappoints me. I love all these songs. Saw him recently for the very first time in Chicago and it was everything I could’ve ever hoped for when attending my first G show. This one adds to the roster of golden squares he’s released. Hits only. And as a nearing 8 year vegan, this album title makes me proud.


Thu, FEB 16, 2023 The Observatory North Park San Diego, CA
Fri, FEB 17, 2023 The Van Buren Phoenix, AZ
Sat, FEB 18, 2023 Hotel Congress Tucson, AZ
Sun, FEB 19, 2023 Lowbrow Palace El Paso, TX
Wed, FEB 22, 2023 Empire Garage LLC Austin, TX
Thu, FEB 23, 2023 Paper Tiger San Antonio, TX
Fri, FEB 24, 2023 The Studio at the Factory Dallas, TX
Sat, FEB 25, 2023 White Oak Music Hall Houston, TX
Sun, FEB 26, 2023 Joy Theater New Orleans, LA
Wed, MAR 1, 2023 Terminal West Atlanta, GA
Fri, MAR 3, 2023 The Ground Miami Miami, FL
Sun, MAR 5, 2023 Saturn Birmingham, AL
Tue, MAR 7, 2023 Bottleneck Lawrence, KS
Thu, MAR 9, 2023 Bluebird Theater Denver, CO
Fri, MAR 10, 2023 Aggie Theatre Fort Collins, CO
Sun, MAR 12, 2023 Soundwell Salt Lake City, UT
Thu, MAR 16, 2023 24 Oxford Las Vegas, NV
Fri, MAR 17, 2023 The Fox Theater Pomona Pomona, CA
Fri, MAR 17, 2023 The Novo Los Angeles, CA
Sat, MAR 18, 2023 The Fox Theater Pomona Pomona, CA
Sat, MAR 18, 2023 The Novo Los Angeles, CA

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