Post-hardcore veteran Joseph Grillo (aka Sid Jagger) has been pretty busy lately. He's currently leading two new bands, Judas Knife and Her Head's On Fire, the latter of whom put out their debut LP and covered the Goo Goo Dolls' "Just the Way You Are" for a split 7" with Pilot to Gunner this year. His classic band Garrison also recently gave their 1999 debut EP The Bend Before the Break a vinyl reissue on Iodine Recordings.

With the year winding dow, Joseph made us a list of his favorite albums of 2022, including the aforementioned Pilot to Gunner, his recent tourmates onelinedrawing, post-hardcore supergroup Ways Away (memberes of Samiam, Stick To Your Guns, The Hope Conspiracy, Boysetsfire, etc), the new Small Brown Bike/Swellers offshoot 84 Tigers, Warpaint, The Joy Formidable, and more.

Read on for Joseph's list, with commentary on each pick...


Ways Away - Torch Songs
The sound of the band really coming into their own. The first LP was excellent but then they extend upon their sound, the guitar work is exceptional (hi Sergie!) and the songs are fully realized and unique, and the balance of aggression and melody from the vocals is stunning.

Warpaint - Radiate Like This
I’m in awe of this band to be honest, their grace and subtly is breathtaking, smooth as silk R&B with those delicious indie rock tones able to slide into different time signatures and meters without ever losing the ease and pulse.

Pilot to Gunner - Hail Hallucinator
Scott’s vocal phrasing is some of the finest and most unique out there, on this LP they really push their sound past their Discord influences into a compact set bangers that finishes too quick and leaves me wanting more. Plus his lyrics simply floor me.

84 Tigers - Time in the Lighthouse
Precision and grace in tandem creating a sound of such power and control, taking all the angular moments of some of their previous efforts and smoothing them out with pitch perfect harmonies over a drummer who never stops swinging like a fucking beast.

Curtail - When the Sway Sets
Gentle hints of Pixies and delicate waves shuddering over skin. This gave me chills the first moment I listened. Absolute gem of early '90s alternarock-goodness from these gents.

Tennis System - Autophobia
All the layered sonic waves upon waves from your favorite shoegaze records coupled with simple perfect melodies à la Placebo. Just so impressive.

onelinedrawing - Tenderwild
Listening to Jonah’s songwriting is like a masterclass in poise, grace and pop goodness.

The Joy Formidable - Into the Blue
Layer after layer of intertwining vocals and the conversation between how the bass and guitars hand the melody back and forth. This is elevated rock music that never losses its rawness and passion.

Her Head's On Fire - College Rock and Clove Cigarettes
What can I say? I’m so beyond proud of my bandmates' ability to make something so seamless and joyous. Only The beginning of good times ahead.


Pick up Garrison's The Bend Before the Break on limited tri-color vinyl.

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