Josh Schwartz of Beachwood Sparks has died at age 45 after a battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). Brent Rademaker, his bandmate in both Beachwood Sparks and Further, told Pitchfork:

When Josh was diagnosed with ALS he was so brave, he never complained he just immersed himself in listening to music and buying records. I think the best insight into Josh is the fact that just weeks before going into the hospital for the last time, he was still supporting his friends and favorite artists, he bought an Eric Gaffney limited edition signed solo album from Eric's Bandcamp page knowing that Eric needed the support.

In the last few years Josh was paralyzed by ALS and could only communicate with his eyes through his computer but still loved to have company and host parties, listening to records and watching movies It definitely helped him outlive the doctor’s diagnosed time. They even took him out see his favorite bands, Dinosaur Jr and Neil.

Personally he was a quiet person but not shy. He was incredibly funny as well. He had a knack for the kind of sarcasm that made light of any bad situation. It helped relieve tension on tour or in the studio. He was one of those rare people that really brought out the best in others. It was hard to be a jerk when Josh was around. He really was magic.

In addition to Beachwood Sparks and Further, Josh also recorded as Painted Hills, and was in early-'90s shoegaze band The Summer Hits, played on records by The Tyde, and FIR (which featured members of Rain Parade and Brian Jonestown Massacre). Josh, you will be missed. Rest in peace.

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