Ska-punk lifers Less Than Jake are gearing up to release their new album Silver Linings on Friday (12/11) via Pure Noise (pre-order), and so far they've released three singles from it that find them in fine form. It sounds like classic LTJ, but it sounds fresh and inspired too.

While you wait for that, we asked longtime saxophonist/backing vocalist Peter "JR" Wasilewski (who also released a Stevie Wonder cover with Hot Water Music this year) what his favorite albums of 2020 were, and he made a list that includes the comeback album by fellow ska-punk vets The Suicide Machines (which LTJ's Roger Lima produced), newer ska-punk greats Kill Lincoln, and their old pal Jeff Rosenstock, as well as other stuff like Run The Jewels, Chris Stapleton, Pearl Jam, and more. JR provided commentary on each pick, and you can read on for what he had to say.

For even more Less Than Jake, read our recent interview with Roger Lima.


Run The Jewels - RTJ4
From top to bottom this album is a journey! Yankee and The Brave have arrived to save us all again.

Pearl Jam - MTV Unplugged
One of the first “unplugged” sets in this series. This was ahead of its time and sounds fresh even 25 years later.

Chris Stapleton - Starting Over
Stapelton’s songwriting is incredible. He’s the guy people who don’t like country music like.

The Suicide Machines - Revolution Spring
Produced by our very own Roger Lima, our brothers from other mothers ride again. Great band. Great album.

Kill Lincoln - Can’t Complain
One of the best young ska-punk bands out currently. This record needs ALL the attention. The future of ska-punk is bright.

Sløtface - Sorry For The Late Reply
A great pop album. Another record and band that deserves all the attention.

Jeff Rosenstock - No Dream
One of our favorite musicians and friends. Jeff Takes you on a musical journey that you never want to end.

Girls In Synthesis - Now Heres an Echo From Your Future
Pop, punk, noise, distortion, thought provoking. It’s hard to describe something that is so original. Love this album.

Jacob Collier - Djesse Vol. 3
If every other musician is playing checkers, Jacob is playing chess in space standing on his head. What a gift to the world. Listen to this album.

Less Than Jake - Silver Linings
You’re damn right our record makes this list. Thanks for your support!


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