Cody Votolato has been busy with lots of bands over the years, like The Blood Brothers, Head Wound City and Jaguar Love, and right now he's gearing up to release a second album under his JR Slayer moniker. "I’ve never been fully comfortable just putting ‘by Cody Votolato’ on something. I really liked the idea of having an umbrella to do it all under that’s separate from my name. I wanted it to start a new chapter, with an opportunity to not be ‘a member of’, not be ‘Cody from this or that’. It’s just JR Slayer, it’s what I do," Cody says of the project.

The new album's called You Found Me and it's due out February 1 (pre-order). We're premiering the song "Half Lyfe," which is a nice dose of rickety bedroom pop that's a lot lighter than the bands Cody is best known for. Here's what he tells us about the song:

"Half Lyfe" is about the internal battle when you unexpectedly and unintentionally become forever bound to another person living far away. Your hearts intentions are transparent and pure, but proximity and confusion on how/why you ended up here leave you powerless with no clear end in sight. Stuck between two worlds. More complex than just distance alone. What do you do in this situation? Does the fear and ache of dout/separation conduct your follow thru? Or do you fight through the confusion, discomfort and pain, letting devotion weather the storm until your ship meets its final destination...true love.

Listen and check out the album's tracklist below.

1. I'll Never Leave U (featuring Jenny Lee)
2. There Is Nothing Else Around Me
3. Half Lyfe
4. Nothing & Nowhere To Hide
5. This Is Alone
6. I Think I Might Die
7. In A Sea Of Anonymity
8. How Could Love B So Cruel?
9. 40 Extra Minutes In Heaven

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