Judas Knife is the duo of Sid Jagger aka Joseph Grillo (of Garrison, Gay For Johnny Depp, God Fires Man, and more) on vocals, guitars, bass, and keys and Drew Thomas (Youth of Today, Into Another, Bold, and more) on drums, and they're releasing their debut album Death Is The Thing With Feathers on September 24 via Translation Loss (pre-order). It was recorded by Converge's Kurt Ballou, who also played some guitar on it, and your first taste is opening track "Lumbering Giant," which premieres in this post.

The song sounds straight out of the '90s post-hardcore scene -- chunky riffs, careening rhythms, soaring vocals -- and it should come as no surprise that these guys know exactly how to pull this kinda thing off. If you like any of the members' previous bands, or stuff like Quicksand, Far, Jawbox, etc, give this a listen below.

"As with most of my songs I am singing to myself, one of the voices in my head addressing the other voices in my head," Sid tells us. "'Alcohol is a wonderful friend, but a terrible master,' and I have no intention of feeling useless and disconnected for however many years I have left before her embrace takes me."

"The intention for Death Is The Thing With Feathers was to make an LP where you could enjoy it if you chose to pay attention or not," Sid continues. "Something that feels cool and sexy, winding around your throat like a snake and something that can be considered if you have the time and the inclination. Half the reason I make records these days is to catch up and spend time with old friends, exchanging stories of the present and the past and remembering to check myself against some of the people I have respected for long periods of time. This time was no different."


1. Lumbering Giant
2. Don't Know Me
3. Hit It and Hit it and Hit It
4. Dance in the Pale Glow
5. Warm Hands, Cold Heart
6. The Years Go By Like Broken Records
7. A Moment of Clarity
8. Circus Circus
9. New York's Not My Home
10. Her Feathers

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